Privacy Policy

Dear customers
Please read the website rules before purchasing.
The use of the site and the purchase of products through the site constitutes your consent to accept the terms and conditions of the Warm House website as listed on this page.
Terms of Use and purchase process
A. It is allowed to use and make a purchase on this site only to customers from the age of 18 and older with a shipping address in Israel and abroad.
In. The purchase on the site can be done by using a credit card (according to the above conditions) through the site.
C. New customers will be required to insert the personal information including credit card information, e-mail address and password selection. Tapping all the details accurately is a prerequisite for making the purchase by the customer. (All your credit card information is guaranteed by SSL technologies and an SSL certificate in force is displayed on the website).
D. In order for the order to be executed quickly and without failures, it is necessary to strictly observe the delivery of the correct details.   The filing of false personal information is a criminal offense under the law and does so, is expected for criminal and civil legal proceedings.
And. Prices-Warm House may change and update the prices of products indicated on the site and the shipping and handling fees provided that the customer is charged according to the prices and conditions listed on the site at the time of purchase. In addition, the company will be able to cancel purchase of products whose prices (as indicated on the site) fell a mistake and they do not reflect the market value of the product.

G. Product inventory –the company holds a stock of products in Israel and updates the inventory of the products presented on the site and warm house to ensure prompt delivery, but it is possible that a large demand for certain products will cause unexpected shortages. If a particular product or part of the ordered products is not in stock, the customer will receive a telephone message about this or the e-mail inventions and will be given the opportunity to receive his order partially or completely canceled at his choice.

Privacy and information security

The Warm House website has a reputation for reliability ,fairness and a high level of services. We do our best to protect you and accordingly the Clearing Company uses the most advanced safety measures on the internet including the use of SSL technology.
In addition, the company Warm House hereby declares that it does not intend to misuse your private information, and that it will only be used to make the order, complete the purchase process and the possibility in the future to inform customers through the mobile number or via email about promotions and news on the site.There will always be visas to get off our mailing list.