Care & Use

Crib Mobile

Crib Mobile develops :

vision (perception of color and shape)

ability to focus the eye;

ability to track moving objects;

ability to distinguish and recognize objects;

auditory perception;

concentration and attention.​

Smooth movements and gentle sounds soothe the baby. the toy causes a lot of positive emotions in the crumbs. This will attract him for a long time, and my mother will have free time!

Pediatricians and pediatric ophthalmologists recommend fixing the crib mobile at a height of 30-50 cm. After 3-4 months, the baby is already able to drop the structure, grabbing toys with his hands. Therefore, you need to calculate the distance so that the baby does not reach the hanging components. The mobile should not be hung over the baby's head, but closer to the middle of the crib.(approximately above the baby's tummy)

Then the baby will be comfortable to watch him from any place.

If you hang the product directly over your head, the newborn will strain his eyes. This can have a bad effect on the formation of the eye muscles!


All textiles should be washed at a temperature of 30*C in a gentle mode, preferably without spin !

Do not wash products together with other types of materials, especially synthetics. This can lead to the formation of pellets and loss of the original color.

After washing, fabrics may become rougher. To restore the original softness, rinse the products in cool salted water. In other cases, rinse the washed items in clean, warm water to avoid the effects of temperature differences.

Things are better not to press or do it as gently as possible;

Hang out clothes immediately after washing, this will give things maximum formability and avoid creasing;

It is not recommended to dry in the hot sun.

Too much washing powder can damage the product .  if the detergent does not completely dissolve, the fabric may be stained with washing powder after washing.

To iron the products, you should cover the product with an additional layer of fabric to avoid impressions and glossy spots .

Felt Products

Toys made of felt can simultaneously activate various channels of perception of the child included in the game activity:

kinesthetics - a variety of tactile sensations from touching the texture of felt (different thickness, roughness, softness/stiffness);

visual-learning colors, getting to know the different shapes and sizes of felt toys;

Felt does not tolerate water treatments. For this purpose, dry cleaning is best suited.

For dry cleaning, you can use both an old toothbrush and a sticky roll for clothes.

If the product gets dirty, first wait until it dries, and then wipe with a brush. Otherwise, the dirt can get deeply embedded in the coat.

If there is a stain, then you can use a delicate hand wash.

The stain can be removed with stain removers (apply to the stain and rub with a brush)

Do not leave the product in direct sunlight. They will lose their color.


If there is dirt on the felt product, let it dry a little, and then brush it.

Dust particles and fine hairs can be cleaned with a sticky roller.

Stubborn stains can be removed with a stain remover.


Felt doesn't really like water. If you wash felt products incorrectly, then pellets appear on them and the seams diverge. To avoid this, give preference to hand washing:

Wash only heavily soiled items.

The water should be warm and in no case hot.

Before washing, clean the product with a brush.

Immerse the product in water, then gently squeeze it out. No NEED TO RUB!

Dry on a towel in the unfolded form. It is better outside, but not in direct sunlight.

Do not dry on the battery or in the cold.

Felt products with non-removable wooden parts should not be left in the water .

For disinfection of felt products, it is recommended to use steam treatment .

What is forbidden to do with felt products!

Wash in the washing machine.

Rinse in hot water.

RUB and twist.

Dry on the battery and in the sun.

Wooden and silicone teethers,holders ,toys & accessorise

Teethers  made of wood are not covered with anything (varnish, paint) they are perfectly polished. Wood is very resistant to damage, including to children's teeth .

Juniper fragrance:

- has an antibacterial effect 

- improves blood circulation,

- increases immunity,

- soothing,

- cures insomnia,

- helps with stress

- helps with bronchopulmonary diseases

- has bactericidal, antiseptic properties.

Teethers are suitable not only for massaging the gums, relieving itching, swelling and reducing discomfort, they form a proper bite, develop fine motor skills of the hands and prepare the baby for the chewing proces

For initial treatment, wipe with a damp cloth.

✔Hand wash in warm water with a small amount of baby soap in case of heavy dirt. Do NOT SOAK and do not lower the piece of wood in the boiling water! Then rinse under cool water no higher than 30 degrees and blot with a towel. Dry in the unfolded form on a towel at room temperature, away from heating devices.

* wood products do not require frequent washing, since beech and juniper, on the basis of which they are collected, have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

After washing , gnawing products, the original shade (Shine) of juniper disappears (but the smell will still remain). 

* Food-grade silicone beads require occasional cleaning. You can wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it in warm soapy water.

It is best to dry silicone at room temperature.

 Do not leave a baby unattended with the product! Periodically personally check the product for strength and condition   !